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Created by a Bell's Palsy patient, the PalsyPatch will help you keep your eyelid closed while suffering from Bell's Palsy and facial paralysis.  Unlike ordinary eye patches, the PalsyPatch is designed to hold your eyelid closed, naturally protecting your eye.




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"Just to let you know I have received the Palsy Patch today.

Have tried it on & found it to be perfect.
Thank you for your prompt service."

New South Wales, Australia

 The Palsy Patch Eliminates The Need Of Taping Your Eyelid Closed.

 Other benefits include:

  • It protects your eye from drying out potentially causing permanent damage.
  •  Unlike tape, the gel material is comfortable and does not cause soreness.
  •  Gives you the added assurance that your eye is protected letting you get a good nights sleep. 

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